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 We visited Dallas, Texas.  New vendors/suppliers with Whole Foods Inc. A sponsor of Girls Day, University of Austin, Texas. grocers  Our International brand is available in grocery stores, boutiques, and Banner Health Children's Gift Shop. In 2016, we celebrated our first annual P.Wogs TM Texas Roadhouse Dine In and Carry Out for Cancer.  Featured in Pottery Barn, Williams & Sonoma, and Smithsonian Air & Space Washington DC.


Our certified USDA commercial retail kitchens is located near Madison, Wisconsin. Our larger bottling, NY. Our sauces are made with sustainable cocoa. Available in restaurants. Paired with Women's Bourbon Association, and Coffee Growers.

Polli Wogs

1835 Edgewood Drive,

1 South Church Ave, Tucson AZ.,

Appleton, WI 54913

Phone. 9207503963

Email. heatherrawlingsd@gmail.com