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PolliWogs.Co started in Tucson, Arizona, 2008. 
We produce, manufacture, one of the best Hot fudge, Chocolate Sauces. 
In June 2018, our first ever, Camp Chocolate in Green Lake, WI.  Look for our updates, membership, and links to NSF Science 360 Foundation. 
We are  members of Eco-Schools.  We are proud of our contributions to children's care organizations,  rural schools and education in Africa.   
We strive to meet the demands of our grocers, distribution, and customers. Thanks for visiting our website.  Email us or call


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Our children's book, Polli Wogs, published and available in Barnes & Noble inspired us to start Camp Chocolate in Green Lake, WI.  Outdoor adventures, and 22 lakes.  A perfect setting for hiking, biking, snorkeling, camping, boating and meeting new friends.  Chocolate covered frogs, too!  With a sandy beach, a place to build our new dessert.  Brave the Sand Pail!


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Polli Wogs

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